“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness.“ Thomas Jefferson


Whilst it may sound quaint, the reality is that this statement is even more valid today. We live in an age of AI, VR and space exploration, yet the fate of humankind still relies on there being sufficient fertile soil and rain to feed our ever-growing population. Our mission is to provide cutting edge data, leveraging the latest technologies to provide vital input enabling the transformation of agriculture for the modern age.

Starting within the European Space Agency business incubation program helped us to get on the right track to pursue our mission, which is to support sustainable and effective farming around the world by providing advanced analytics and benchmarking services for the agricultural sector and related farming service industries.

  • Agricultural sector
  • Governmental bodies
  • Local governments
  • NGOs bodies involved with planning and assistance
  • Financial sector
  • Academic & Research sector

Our current Climate Report and future Rebound Potential Index are especially valuable for emerging markets bringing added value to sustainable and effective agricultural practices.

Utilizing our services can lead to major enhancement of productivity, leading to improved food security, poverty reduction and overall improved land and water use. We provide customized information based on a unique combination of data from the satellite feeds, crop and weather modelling and climate statistics, in a form understandable to all stakeholders.