Big Terra Sustainability Statement

Big Terra Sustainability Statement

At Big Terra, sustainability is not merely a goal, but a fundamental principle that is at the core of our business model, that guides our actions and aspirations.

Our climate reports or regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration monitoring and evaluation tools cut to the heart of the global challenges outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, our commercial activities are intrinsically interwoven with SDGs, appearing almost custom-crafted to align with and contribute to the attainment of multiple key targets.

As a startup, we recognize the imperative of being SDG compliant and take pride in championing sustainability in all facets of our operations. Going beyond the pale, our services help our own clients also meet their sustainability goals, through our unwavering commitment to transforming agriculture via the strategic application of intelligent data within the global agricultural sector, especially in developing markets. By catalysing food security, we contribute to global stability, alleviate migration pressures, and empower local populations to manage their resources more effectively.

Our role as a catalyst for positive change is underscored by our ability to provide accurate data and evidence-based insights to all stakeholders within the agricultural ecosystem. By bridging the gaps and forging connections through our services, we harness technologies like satellite data, mobile telephony, and the internet, which have already permeated the developed world, and extend their benefits to emerging economies. We are dedicated to pioneering this advancement in these nations, where we become the vanguard of progress by offering indispensable data and decision-making support to farmers, corporations, and governments alike.

In essence, our commitment to sustainability is more than a proclamation – it’s a pledge ingrained within every action we undertake. By fusing innovation, data, and purpose, we stand as a beacon of hope for a greener, more equitable future.