Climate Reports

  • Environmental and atmospheric assessment
  • Wide range of intelligence and analyses
  • Focused on the environment, weather & agriculture
  • Use of Earth Observation, climate, weather data & crop growth modelling
  • NGO sector, governmental agencies and donors
  • Increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of projects

Our Climate Reports identify the risks of natural disasters such as droughts & floods. They enable better future preparation for such events and provide characterisation of suitable crops for a specified location. We bring useful data to NGOs which enables them to enhance the capability and efficiency of their projects.

Our Climate Reports provide

  • Monitoring of yields
  • Identification of the critical points of crop growth
  • Related prediction to possible damage to crops

This consequently helps local farmers manage their investments and expenses related to inputs (fertilizers, machinery, etc.) more efficiently and carefully.

With the help of our Climate Report, we are able to:

  • Decrease the number of people that are exposed to natural disasters
  • Boost the efficiency of development assistance
  • Provide crucial information to donors and implementation teams
  • Characterise vulnerable spots that are prone to crop damage
  • Improve food security by advising farmers on suitable crops
  • Optimization of irrigation & other inputs

Leading to enhanced land-use sustainability which can lead to the prevention of soil degradation.

How can a Climate Report help me?

NGOs, Development agencies, Governmental bodies

  • Positioning: Climate reports are an ideal foundation for project-oriented negotiation processes. The environmental and atmospheric assessment provided by a Climate Report provides cutting-edge analysis based on Earth Observation data and numerical weather models. The report’s outcomes can be used as scientific evidence providing insight into trends and supporting NGOs’ intentions to start a development project, rapidly prepare action plans or deliver Humanitarian aid. Such a negotiation tool ensures better outcomes from emerging partnerships.

  • Project proposal: Writing a project proposal is a time-consuming activity, necessitating provision of clear and persuassive arguments and evidence as a baseline for systematic project design. In this case, the Climate Report offers materials for such baselines or introductions to environmental and climate-driven issues. A project manager can use these materials as references and build a project design upon them.

  • Preparation of a call: A key development agency activity (and of other institutions) is the preparation of calls for projects. This is done by gathering information from regions of interest – from local authorities, the population or interest groups. A useful source of data can be a remote survey. As rural socio-economic issues are driven by climate and the environment, the Climate Report can serve as evidence that issues affecting a certain population and area are real (or not) and calls can be created according to the data and results of the Climate Report

  • Post-project evaluation: There is a necessity for many organizations to do an evaluation after a project is finished. Although the Climate Report primarily serves as a “review” tool, some of its parts (e.g. Remote sensing) can be used for evaluation.

  • Policymaking: Governments and municipalities are partially responsible for quality of life and they should adjust their policymaking decisions according to Climate conditions. There is a noticeable gap in the area of interest-oriented Climate analysis, which would provide quickly deliverable decision-making tools to local authorities. We believe that the Climate Report can fill this gap and provide advanced analytics for governmental bodies.

Agribusiness, Farming

  • Benchmarking: Current traditional farming is endangered by ongoing climate change and environmental degradation. Many farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs are insecure about their livelihood due to extreme weather events and shifts in weather patterns. This has a direct impact on the environment, agricultural activities and primary productivity (biomass generation). Our Climate Report is able to reflect these uncertainties and provide insight into trends by advanced analytics and crop growth modelling. These tools can provide answers for effective and data-oriented farming (e.g. Crop sowing/planting, estimation of yields, date of harvest or maturity) or Agribusiness scaling (e.g. yield estimation and logistics, estimation of producers yield offers).

  • Loans, insurance: Farmers or Agribusiness entrepreneurs can use climate reports during negotiations with banks or insurance companies to provide them with scientific-based evidence about the potential production of their farms or facilities.

Banks and Insurance companies

  • Loans, insurance, Benchmarking: Financial institutions providing loans or insurance for the agricultural sector are exposed to the impacts of ongoing Climate change and so it is unwise to be idle. The Climate Report is ideal for companies that need to adjust their general policies according to the current trends of Climate and its impacts on agricultural production. The known limits of the atmosphere can shape strategy, increase efficiency, and decrease liabilities.

How is our Climate Report produced?

Our Climate Report is an analysis of the climatic, agricultural & production situation in a given country or region. It encompasses numerous interesting indicators, crop growth models and satellite outputs that help us with better analysis of the local situation.

The information used is mainly a combination of:

  • Satellite data
  • Crop modelling data
  • Climate data

This is used to analyse past, current and future climate variables which are interconnected with agricultural trends.

How can I get the Climate Report service?

For further information about the Climate Report & our price offers do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you with any questions and provide you with a detailed summary of our services which can be tailor-made just for your needs.