Why do we care about SDGs?

There are many reasons why Big Terra relentlessly pursues a dream of helping rural areas in developing countries towards a brighter future.

Why do we do it?

At Big Terra, we believe that the right mass application of smart data in the agricultural sector across the globe, mainly in developing markets, can play a crucial role in delivering food security and, consequently, help stabilize our world, easing the pressures of migration and helping populations to manage their local resources more efficiently.

We bring the numbers and evidence-based information about crops to all stakeholders and try to connect them through our services. We want to bring technologies for easy scaling – satellite data, cellphones, internet, which are already widespread in the developed world to the emerging economies and boost their growth.

We want to be this leading edge in these countries, providing data and decision making support to farmers, companies and governments to achieve our goal – promoting green, self-sustaining agriculture, where famine and all the negative impacts that go with it are forgotten and are only a thing of the past.