Applying smart data processing against climate change..

The European Union is addressing how to deal with artificial intelligence (AI). It is therefore preparing a new act on AI that will set the rules for its use. Our founder, Pavel Juruš, commented on this in the context of applying smart data processing in the fight against climate change.

“AI helps across a range of adaptation and mitigation measures. For example, to predict energy production and consumption, it is used to optimise the engagement and use of emission-free sources,” the AI expert, co-founder of the project and founder of Big Terra described to the editor.

“The use of artificial intelligence can bring benefits in terms of environmental policy. It can strengthen the ability to predict the impacts of individual actions that are part of the Green Deal for Europe and help achieve EU climate neutrality by 2050,” says a new report by the AIDA Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the European Parliament.

According to the report, artificial intelligence has significant potential to tackle greenhouse gases. Specifically, better handling of data can reduce emissions by around four per cent by 2030.

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Applying smart data processing against climate change.