Caritas Czech Republic "Agriculture for Life" project noticed by AidWatch..

As Jan Blinka Head of Mission / Country Director at Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia states: “Development cannot rely only on the non-profit sector. For this reason, NGOs join forces with businesses. Several examples:

  • in Zambia, Caritas Czech Republic partnered with Big Terra, and Lima Links to support the access of farmers to the local markets and to provide them with weather forecast information
  • in Georgia, Caritas Czech Republic partnered with Scase to test their multifunctional device for improving the quality of primary health care
  • in Ethiopia, People in Need partnered with HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. to provide access to water for rural communities.

I am really glad that these efforts to bring together partners from non-profit and profit sectors are being recognized - among others - by the authors of current AidWatch 2021 report.”

At Big Terra we are grateful for the opportunity to be a partner in this project. A very small first step towards demonstrating that better access to data can improve decision-making in agriculture. Now the challenge is to repeat this in more geographies and communities long term.

Read the whole AidWatch report here:

Caritas Czech Republic "Agriculture for Life" project noticed by AidWatch.