How can you run faster the next day?.

“How can you run faster the next day?” A key question our agricultural analyst, Lukáš Tůma asks himself after participating in “V4 Innovators in Israel” by MASHAV Carmel Training Center. Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation at MFA. This 10 days of training was aimed at better understanding what makes the Startup Ccosystem in Israel tick - one of the most famous in the world.

The event consisted of various presentations, activities and workshops from different actors across a rich expanse of incubators, accelerators and other entities. These activities provided Lukáš, and by extension Big Terra, with new insights in how to run a startup more effectively and scale up our company and it’s product on international markets.

Understanding the “move faster” paradigm is key to being successful in the competitive world of startups, no matter the vertical segment.

How can you run faster the next day?